Godzilla Resurgence trailer proves Japan is the king of monster movies – watch
Godzilla resurgence

Godzilla is one of the most beloved characters in all of popular culture.

Not just in Japan, where the giant lizard/dinosaur crossover thing was first conceived in Ishirō Honda’s 1954 film Godzilla, but over in the Western hemisphere too, where the monster’s mythical status has prompted many a Hollywood remake attempt.

All have been fairly rubbish of course: 1998’s Godzilla had Matthew Broderick running around New York City while Jamiroquai sung the soundtrack, and 2014’s reboot may have landed director Gareth Edwards a Star Wars gig, but was ultimately pretty naff.

Over in Japan though, things are slightly different. The legendary beast becomes more and more revered with each cinematic incarnation, and on the basis of the new trailer for the Japanese produced Godzilla Resurgence (G-Zilla’s 31st big screen appearance) it’s easy to see why. This thing looks awesome.

The film is actually a series reboot from Toho, the production company behind all other Godzilla films from Japan, and looks rather spectacular. Here’s the trailer:

And here are five reasons why it’ll probably trump the US version:

You can actually see what’s going on

Godzilla resurgence

The majority of Gareth Edward’s Godzilla took place at night.

While that may have looked mighty cinematic, what it essentially meant is that you couldn’t see what the blazes was going on, especially once Godzilla rampaged through a few junction boxes and knocked out the electrical grid.

Godzilla Resurgence‘s trailer hints at a large scale battle against the monster that takes place during the day, meaning you can actually see what’s going on, and aren’t squinting through smoke plumes and flicking flames to try to make out a shuffling blob.

The special effects look incredible

Godzilla resurgence

Weirdly, the special effects in Godzilla Resurgance manage to look both very bad (it could almost be a guy in a rubber suit) yet incredibly realistic at the same time.

We’re not experts, but we’d posit that the producers have employed some nifty CG effects that actually give the appearance of ‘practical’ effects. The Force Awakens did an admirable job of employing new tech while keeping the ‘feel’ of the older films, but we’d say Godzilla’s latest rampage accomplishes it better than any film in recent memory.

This thing has scale

Godzilla resurgence

It seems Hollywood has an unwritten rule about actually showing off Godzilla too much in its films. Both of the big budget remakes have taken place in the darkness of night, and seemed to have abided by the unwritten rule that things are scarier if the audience can’t see them.

Well, that’s not the case in all instances, and since a giant rampaging monster is a far-fetched concept to get your head around in the first place, you might as well show it off to audience.

Cue a giant tail snaking across the skyline of a suburban Japanese settlement, and shots which actually show off the massive scale of Godzilla against the city skyline.

It actually looks terrifying

Godzilla resurgence

There’s no spoken dialogue in the trailer (presumably to make it as playable as possible in international markets) and aside from the trademark Godzilla roar, all we’re left with is some pretty ominous music.

It raises the tension much more effectively than other cookie-cutter trailers from the US ever could, and manages to lend the film a genuinely terrifying atmosphere.

It ties in to recent events

Godzilla rubble street

While it already looks pretty terrifying to Western eyes, things must be ramped up even further in the Japanese market.

This will be the first Godzilla film to be produced in Japan since the devastating Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011, and while you would have to be firmly off your rocker to put the two together, the image of a street strewn with the wreckage of hundreds of homes becomes even more powerful when you consider the country’s recent history.

Godzilla Resurgence is set for release Summer 2016.


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