RIP Victoria Wood – one of Britain’s most distinctive comic voices
Victoria Wood

Stand-up comedian, comedy writer and actress Victoria Wood has passed away at the age of 62.

According to her publicist, the much-loved Wood died after a short battle with cancer.

The Prestwich-born comedienne shot to fame in the ’80s for her alternative but often warm stand-up persona, after a number of TV appearances.

Her sketch show Victoria Wood As Seen On TV was an award-winning series which saw her pair up with long-time collaborator Julie Walters, and create iconic sketches such as Acorn Antiques – a drama set in an antique shop, where actors often forgot their lines and missed their cues as the sets fell apart around them.

Wood continued to be a constant presence on our TV screens over the next three decades, most notably with the late Nineties series dinnerladies – a sitcom based on the back room gossip, drama and romance of canteen staff in Manchester.

The recurring theme that ran through all of Victoria’s work was a strong relatable and working class tone. Wood tackled kitchen sink drama with a lightness of touch, a truly unique comic voice and a warmth which meant that she will be hugely missed by many.

Tributes have already began to pour in across social media:

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