Absolutely Fabulous movie trailer is fabulously terrible
Absolutely Fabulous

The first full trailer for the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous film has hit the web. And it doesn’t look good.

Sadly for fans of the original series’ faux-glamorous hi-jinks, the trailer is a poorly cobbled together effort, failing to project the film’s (admittedly loose) semblance of plot at all.

You’d expect to have at least a minimal grasp of what to expect, story wise, but what we’re presented with here is a seemingly random selection of scenes with no interconnecting thread.

Kate Moss is getting a new public relations team, so Patsy and Edi go to a party. Jon Hamm is there for some reason, then Kate Moss falls into a river and a man screams. Then they’re in France for a bit. Then Joanna Lumley has a mustache.

None of this makes any sense. Watch it now:

Could it be that the producers are going the JJ Abrams route and playing their cards extremely close to their chest?

Weirdly stunted editing and sound mixing only add to the trailer’s unsettling awkwardness.

Usually, comedy films raise derision at the fact they include all of the best jokes in the trailer, with audiences left with precious little new material to actually laugh about once they’ve paid for their ticket.

But if this is the best that the Ab Fab movie has to offer, then viewers could be in for a very sorry time indeed, with a trailer so light on funnies it has to resort to having characters drunkenly walking into things. Twice.

Absolutely Fabulous hits cinemas on July 1


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