Seven things the Captain America: Civil War cast told us
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This week, Marvel blockbuster Captain America: Civil War had its European premiere in London.

And directors Joe and Anthony Russo, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige and stars including Robert Downey Jnr, Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner and Paul Rudd were all on hand for press conference duties.

Here’s everything we learned from our sit-down with the superheroes.

1. There are a LOT of Avengers in this movie

In fact, there are so many Avengers in the film (twelve in total), that the press conference was forced to abandon its usual single table line-up in favour of a comfy chair arrangement.

2. In real life, Captain America would be on Team Iron Man

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The movie has the Avengers splitting into two teams, lead by Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jnr) after the government attempt to regulate the heroes’ villain-bashing, city-smashing activities.

However, in the conference’s most controversial moment, star Chris Evans admitted that in real life, he would be on #TeamIronMan.

“I’d have to be. You couldn’t just let this group of vigilantes be answerable only to themselves. That’s the sad truth – if there really were Avengers, I would be Team Iron Man. I would.”

3. Tony Stark recruiting Spider-Man is NOT an allegory for the use of child soldiers

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Director Joe (or possibly Anthony) Russo expertly handled a somewhat cheeky question from a journalist who asked if Tony Stark’s recruitment of a teenaged Spider-Man (Tom Holland, playing a blinder) meant that Iron Man endorsed the recruitment of child soldiers.

“Perhaps the most powerful child soldier in the world!

“Tony doesn’t want to lose his fight and sees Spider-Man as the greatest living non-lethal weapon, and if your’re going out to capture a group of people you don’t necessarily want to hurt, you couldn’t ask for a better character than Spider-Man to take with you.”

4. Jeremy Renner doesn’t like spoilers

Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner hadn’t yet seen the movie and took the appropriate spoiler-avoiding measures, just in case.

5. Chris Evans appreciates a Brady Bunch reference

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Asked what it felt like to be joining the Avengers, Ant-Man star Paul Rudd replied:

“Everybody was nice and very welcoming but it was a bit surreal to see everybody in their suits. It was a very welcoming feeling.

“This reference will probably land like a lead balloon, but I felt like Cousin Oliver coming along to join the rest of the Brady Bunch.”

Fortunately, he wasn’t left hanging, as Chris Evans (seated directly in front) turned around to give him a fist-bump of Brady Bunch acknowledgement.

6. Robert Downey Jnr has Captain America envy

When asked if there was ever any real-life tension between him and Evans on set, Downey Jnr replied:

“When my son started wearing entirely Captain America PJs and hats and everything, I felt a natural resentment, but being a consummate professional I didn’t bring it into the work place.”

7. He also has a unique way of getting round the issue of who has the biggest trailer on set

After much joking around on the subject, the truth finally came out – Downey Jnr doesn’t necessarily have the biggest trailer, but he certainly has the most trailers.

Five of them, apparently. Star Daniel Bruhl elaborated:

“The first day, the first scene I had with Robert, afterwards he asked me if I had any allergies and I didn’t understand the question. And then I had lunch and I was eating my burrito in my humble little trailer and somebody knocked at my door and said, ‘You are cordially invited to Robert Downey’s village’.

“So I put down my burrito and I went out and then, in the far distance, I saw this HUGE space with five trailers stretching out together and I had this incredible three-course meal. And I was quite sad when he left, because it meant that wouldn’t happen again.”

Captain America: Civil War is in cinemas this Friday


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