Tupac biopic sneak preview shows it will pull no punches
All Eyez on Me

The film may still currently be in production, but the Tupac Shakur biopic is already dishing out teasers.

All Eyez On Me is set to portray the life of the influential rapper, who reached new levels of mainstream notoriety after his death in a shooting in Las Vegas.

Demetrius Shipp Jr is set to take on the role of ‘Pac – with early shots suggesting that he’s already mastered the physical similarities.

And that's a picture wrap. Still can't believe what my life has become and is becoming. Not too long ago it was just struggle, stress and trying to figure it all out. Now I just wrapped up a feature film and I'm the star,  and not just any movie, the life of Tupac, CRAZY. 2015 threw every curveball possible in the midst of preparation to get this role. Thank God for giving me what I needed to keep going and blessing me with the role. Thank you to all the crew and cast, man yall helped make this experience unforgettable  4real. I've made some life long friendships within this film and can't wait til we're all together again at the premiere. R.i.p to Tupac Shakur,  you're a Black Pioneer and a Hero to our people and culture. I hope my performance pays tribute and gives insight to your life and most of all "Spark the brain"

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Now the first snippet of the film has surfaced online, after being posted on Instagram by user @bigblockesc. The raw clip shows Shipp Jr. delivering an impassioned speech to the press on the steps of a courthouse.

What makes this snippet really interesting is that it appears to be a pretty authentic retread of Tupac’s actual speech, delivered during the court proceedings of his 1993 sexual assault case.

Expectations are currently sky-high in the hip-hop community for All Eyez On Me to deliver a truly great hip-hop biopic. Tupac’s place in the political spectrum of the genre is hugely important, and fans will want to see that portrayed well.

What’s encouraging from this first clip is that the film is not looking to shy away from Tupac’s run-ins with the law and authority (he was charged with assault, shooting and sexual assault in the space of his few years in the public eye).

Hopefully director Benny Boom can channel all that potential into something spellbinding.

All Eyez On Me is scheduled for release in September 2016


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