Snowden: the most hilariously overblown moments from the first trailer

The first trailer for the Oliver Stone directed Snowden – the big screen adaptation of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s story – has landed online.

Telling the story of the whistleblower, who lifted the lid on America’s National Security Agency and its mass surveillance, it’s an already intriguing story, although obviously not bombastic enough for Hollywood.

Just check out the hilariously OTT preview for yourself:


The trailer features all sorts of ‘cinematic’ cliches and ‘epic’ moments, many of which – if you’ve ever seen Snowden’s relatively calm demeanour in interviews – will have you questioning how close to the facts the film is sticking.

For instance…

The NSA is The Matrix


We’d probably struggle to visually represent a vast network of civilian data (everyone on the planet in fact), but the way the film’s virtual camera whizzes through a gallery of Facebook profile pics connected by beams of lights is more The Matrix than it is a politically charged thriller.

Do you even Rubik’s, bro?

Snowden rubiks

Snowden seemingly smuggles his classified data out of the CIA network via an SD card hidden inside a Rubik’s Cube. Those pesky security measures (metal detectors and the like), are handily circumvented with a nonchalant lob of said cube to the guard. Smooth.

Literal sexing up

snowden nsa spying

The trailer includes an actual raunchy moment, in case you were in any doubt as to whether the story had been “sexed up”. But not before the moment is interrupted by fears of a prying webcam, and we’re sucked into the mini lens and down the rabbit hole.

Also included: gratuitous undressing scenes which – while probably true – were literally put in the trailer to sell tickets.

Ten hup!


Snowden’s military background is given good screen time in the trailer, with scenes of obstacle courses and muddy crawls really ramming the point home.

This guy used to be in the army. Traitor! Hero!

You will pick a side, because the film will make absolutely sure you do.

The cast is full of distracting faces

snowden cage

It’s actually kind of hard to take this story – which has major privacy implications for us all – too seriously as each familiar face pops up in the trailer to remind you this is just a film.

We have Joseph Gordon-Levitt affecting a strange deep voice (though not as off putting as his French accent attempts in The Walk), Shailene Woodley as the love interest and Nicolas Cage as a high ranking authourity figure. No expense spared on this “pulse pounding thriller”.


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