Who said it: Biff Tannen or Donald Trump?
Biff Tannen Donald Trump

One is a blunt-talking, dodgy-haired megalomaniac who’d take your lunch money as soon as look at you.

The other is Biff Tannen.

Yes, that’s right. Comparisons between inevitable Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Back To The Future villain Biff continue to rage.

Ted Cruz has warned of a “Biff Tannen presidency” if Donald Trump is elected. The writer of Back To The Future II has previously admitted he based Biff’s character in the movie on Trump.

And of course, there’s simply the fact that they LOOK so alike.

But the key question is, can you tell the two men apart – based on their previous outbursts and utterances?

High school bully turned dystopian kingpin, or business magnate turned political firebrand? Take our fun quiz now:


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