EIFF’s Highlander screening sounds spectacular
Highlander Christopher Lambert

Do you like your action movies to feature time-hopping, Sean Connery and sword-fights in car parks? So does the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

The EIFF is marking its 70th anniversary this year with a whopping programme set for June 15-26 – and the festival’s marquee event this year will be a screening of a newly remastered version of the Eighties cult favourite Highlander at the Fountain Park Cineworld.

For those who are unfamiliar with Highlander, it’s a story of immortal warriors who must battle each other to the death throughout history.

The 1986 film received something of a kicking by critics, but was far more warmly received by fans.

The film became a cult favourite in Scotland for its playful take on Scottish history, the use of the country’s landscape and a memorable turn from Sean Connery as a Spanish knight (yep). Not to mention the soundtrack by Queen.

EIFF will be showcasing the world premiere of a restored version of the film, based on a 4K scan of the original camera negative.

In even more exciting news, the event will be attended by American actor Clancy Brown, known to Highlander fans as the evil Kurgan – Connor Macleod’s immortal enemy.

Speaking to EIFF, Clancy Brown said:

“It’s taken a while, but I swore to myself that I would return again to Scotland after filming Highlander 30 years ago where I first learned of Robert the Bruce, James Macpherson, The Fortingall Yew and, most blissfully, single-malt scotch whisky.”

Sounds like a fun night.

Edinburgh International Film Festival will take place June 15-26

More information can be found at edfilmfest.org.uk


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