10 Leeds secrets we’ve uncovered this May
Leeds Tower

One of the best things about our lovely home town is that it’s an ever changing tapestry.

Turn around at the wrong time and you’ll miss an internet cafe turn into an indie bar or a laundrette into a snazzy record store.

But what’s on the way? We’ve got our finger on the pulse here at WOW247 – check out ten new Leeds secrets to uncover.

1. Parapark is on its way

There’s a hell of a lot going on down at the bottom of town, what with the whole multi-million pound regeneration project and a new shopping centre thing. They call in exciting times, and adding to that is a new group escape game that has set Europe alight in recent years. Parapark is a Hungarian phenomenon that requires small teams to use skill and cunning to escape from a number of themed rooms. Think Crystal Maze in real life, without the weird bald chap.

2. The HS2 plans have changed… again

We all know the plans to bring high speed rail to Leeds, and we know the benefits. Money, big business, investment, smiling faces – what’s not to love, right? Well, when you hear that the plan is to scrap the original plans and move the HS2 station to the current train station, rather than on New Lane, you might want to consider the repercussions on your daily commute. Leeds is already a nightmare at peak times, and if these plans are to be realised, you’ve got to wonder how crazy things might be in a few years.

3. Victoria Gate is bringing in even more big names than first thought

Be afraid, Trinity Centre. After years of to-ing and fro-ing, the Victoria Centre is up and running, with sky-high cranes and a flashy facade to prove it. The latest cats to join the VG revolution are Gant, who will further add to the high-end feel of the place when she opens her doors later this year.

4. Things are about to get a whole lot more musical

Good news music fans; there are two new record stores wheeling their way around the corner. As part of the wave of Kirkgate regeneration (more on that later), Doghouse Bar And Record Store is being opened by the fine folk behind 212 Cafe and Bar, whilst a little hop, skip and a jump further outside of town, Armley will see the opening of Vinyl Fixx. The two are expected in late Summer and late May respectively.

5. Meat lovers should be giddy

Leeds is awash with carnivore hangouts – some good, some excellent. Add to one of those lists Stampede, who have opened up in the St John’s Centre just off Albion Street. We’re yet to check it out, but the early signs are good – it’s the sister brand to Cattle Grid.

6. We’ll soon be joined by a Crafty Fox or two

The Craft Fox Market brigade are wheeling their way towards Leeds, with a fresh twist on pop-up markets by good, socially-conscious and eco-friendly people. Always good for finding a bargain, it’s going down at the Black Swan in just a few weeks, across the weekend of the 5th and 6th of June.

7. … and a few science lovers!

A little earlier than the Crafty Fox crew come the Pint of Science Festival, which arrives in Leeds a little under the radar on the 23rd to the 25th May at a trio of venues, namely The Midnight Bell, Foley’s Ale House and O’Neills. The idea is to fuse some cool science with some decent ale, a combination few can argue with.

8. Headingley Stadium is getting a whole new revamp

Headingley Masterplan

Credit: Yorkshire CCC

Nicknamed ‘The Masterplan’, it seems that the Headingley Stadium complex will take on a whole new look over the coming months and indeed years, with a whole lot of readies being thrown at it to ensure it becomes one of the world’s top sporting venues. As we know, both cricket and rugby will reap the benefits.

9. … and on that sporting note

Wellington Place is a buzzing hot spot for young professionals, and it just makes sense for there to be a trendy fitness workout spot available for them to get their sweat on. Early May saw the opening of L1 Performance, a modern and forward-thinking fitness joint dreamt up by local lad Kyle Harris, who boasts experience in setting up gyms across the world.

10. Holbeck is going to get a huge kick up the backside

Holbeck has been heavily featured in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent times, and so it’s about time the powers that be pulled up their bootlaces and cracked on in giving it the help it deserves. A lot has been made of the Urban Village project that has more or less hit the buffers in the recent past, but with huge movement in the council plans over the past few weeks and a Supplementary Planning Document promised for the Summer, things might just start moving on that front once again.

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