The Woods might be this year’s most intriguing horror movie
The Woods

On the face of it, forthcoming horror flick The Woods might not seem all that exciting.

Its setting, premise and even its very title are the definition of cliched; its set-up of students on a camping trip, menaced by something sinister, seemingly nothing more than a Blair Witch knock-off – especially when you consider that it is also apparently filmed in found-footage style.

So why then are some critics hailing it as “a new beginning for horror films” – with talk that it “reinvents horror with a completely fresh and terrifying take on the genre”?

Well, this is where things get interesting…

The whole thing is still shrouded in mystery.

Watch the teaser above, released just yesterday, and not much is given away – though the sweeping, ominous shots of the wilderness are far more reminiscent of The Shining than they are of low-brow shocker fare.

The key compelling factor for genre enthusiasts is that The Woods is directed by Adam Wingard and written by Simon Barrett: the same inspired duo who gave us smartly unconventional slasher You’re Next and gripping dark thriller The Guest.

The pair are masters at subverting classic horror sub-genres in surprising and impressive ways – with WOW247 flagging Wingard as a director to watch last year.

In their hands, it’s possible that what seems to be a standard chiller-by-numbers may actually be something else entirely, so expect to have the rug pulled out from under your feet on this one.

There’s likely to be much more to The Woods than meets the eye. I guess we’ll find out when the movie hits cinemas later this year…


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