Assassin’s Creed movie trailer: five things we’ve learned
Assassin's Creed

The movie adaptation of a video game has made waves this week. Possibly because it stars Michael Fassbender, and actually looks good.

Historical sci-fi action-drama Assassin’s Creed launched its first trailer live on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last night.

If you haven’t already seen it, here it is:

People familiar with the Assassin’s Creed games may be somewhat confused after watching this trailer, and folks who aren’t familiar with the fictional universe will probably have no idea what’s going on at all.

And yet, there’s reason to be quietly confident about this.

Here’s five things the trailer tells us.

It’s a completely original story

Fassbender Assassin's Creed 1

First thing’s first: it looks like Justin Kurzel’s movie will go off on a completely unfamiliar tangent, by taking the rough idea of the game’s plot and using it as a template for this fresh story.

The original Assassin’s Creed video game followed a man named Desmond, and we played through the memories – via the power of a mysterious scientist’s device The Animus, that sends Desmond’s consciousness back to the 1100s (keep up!) – of his ancestor from the Middle East, a dude called Altair.

Our main character here however is called ‘Callum Lynch’, and he will be using the animus to live the memories of ‘Aguilar’, who lived at the time of the Spanish Inquisition. Interesting.

We’re in for some epic fight scenes

Screen cap from the Assassin's Creed movie

Throughout the trailer, we’re treated to some fantastic acrobatics, both during fight scenes and randomly, which promises the same level of flamboyant fighting style as featured in the games.

Also, we couldn’t help but notice the massive sweeping shot over a battling army, because this kind of movie just lends itself to massive open encounters, and the sight of two riotous armies clashing swords and shoulders whets our appetite for full-throttle violence.

Fassbender is all tied up

Screenshot from the Assassin's Creed movie trailer

For whatever reason, we know that at some point, Fassbender’s character Aguilar is captured, tied up, and (presumably) about to be executed. For what, we have no idea at this point, but if we had to guess we’d say it probably has something to do with all of those hidden blades he keeps stashed up his sleeve (no exaggeration).

We’d also have to propose that this scene is from the events immediately proceeding a massive scrap on the gallows that Aguilar is standing on, hence the fire and swords and dead knights etc.

The style translates well

Assassin's Creed Fassbender 5

From just one look at the trailer, it becomes obvious that everyone involved with the production of Assassin’s Creed worked hard to emulate and translate the style of the original video game.

The long, sweeping shots that show off the towering buildings and surrounding environments, the sombre colour pallet, even the sideways glance that Fassbender gives to the camera are all things inspired by the video games, which is a testament to how cinematic Ubisoft’s creations are.

We have no idea who the bad guy is

Assassin's Creed movie trailer

Seriously, we have absolutely no idea who the bad guy in this movie might be. At one point, we see a bunch of policemen (SWAT?) marching down the hallway of a lab, and at another, we see a decadent rich man sitting on a throne in the 15th century.

Maybe this means that the movie won’t be about Aguilar fighting against a straight-up ‘bad guy’, and will instead focus on the internal conflict in Callum’s mind?

Either that or we’re going to watch two hours of a movie with no particular antagonist or goal, which would be… interesting.

Assassin’s Creed is due out in December


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