Five of the best surviving greasy spoons in Glasgow
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It’s hardly a secret that Glasgow is known for its fry-ups.

So much so that legendary Glaswegian comedian Billy Connolly was famously quoted as saying that no matter where in the world he is, he always looks forward to coming home and tasting the spicy tinge of a piece ‘n’ square sausage.

So with all of these trendy burger places popping up left, right and centre, we thought we’d bring it back to some old school territory with a list of the top five greasy spoons in the city of Glasgow.

The University Cafe

Don’t be fooled by its name: The University Cafe is no pretentious student hangout, but an honest to god, fill your boots greasy spoon with an extensive breakfast menu. With traditional Glaswegian menu items ranging from cheesy beanos to double square sausage and egg roll, you’d be hard pressed to get a better nostalgic fry up in the west-end than at this old-fashioned joint.

87 Byres Rd, Glasgow G11 5HN

The Hyndland Cafe

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Also situated in the west-end, but a little less rough around the edges, The Hyndland Cafe is a greasy spoon with a bit of class. With its nicely arranged seating area out front and the hipster friendly breakfast menu (where else can you get Eggs Royale in a Glaswegian cafe?), perhaps this quaint little cafe should be re-named a silver spoon – however we’re not sure that quite has the same Sunday morning hangover appeal.

96 Clarence Dr, Glasgow G12 9RN

Spoon Cafe

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Situated in what could be named the greasy spoon hot-spot of Glasgow: The Trongate, Spoon Cafe is more than just your average greasy spoon. Not only does it serve a fantastic gut-busting fried breakfast, but it’s also part of the Unity Enterprise charity which helps disadvantaged members of the community get the help they need through direct employment. I’d say those are reasons enough to give the community friendly cafe a quick weekend morning visit.

46 Trongate, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G1 5ES

Guido’s Coronation Restaurant

Guido’s Coronation Restaurant is one of those places that feels as if it could have been there since the very birth of the city that it’s in. With its pastel blue and egg-yolk-yellow exterior it immediately sets the tone for one of the most traditional and authentic Glaswegian greasy-spoon experiences you can have. And if you don’t fancy a full English breakfast (but let’s face it if you’re reading this you probably do) then it should be noted that they’e also famed for doing a great fish tea at a very reasonable price.

37 Gallowgate, Town Head, Glasgow G1 5AP

Cullis’s Cafe Diner

Partick might be one of the trendiest areas in the city now, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgetting where it came from. Cullis’s Cafe Diner appeals to both the old school residents of the area and the young hip Partick crowd with its hearty, cheap and delicious breakfast and hot meals. Whether you’re looking for a quick roll and sausage as you make your way hungover down Dumbarton Road, or fancy a steak pie and chips in the comfort of a well presented cafe, Cullis’s more than has you covered.

200 Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G11 6UN

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