Quiz: Are these Kanye West quotes real or fake?
Kanye West

Oh Yeezy, when will you learn that dishing out real talk is not for everyone?

Kanye West made an appearance on the daytime television behemoth Ellen yesterday, and amid joining in games and talking about his kids – he delivered an eight-minute long rant directed down the camera and at the studio audience.

Depending on your particular view of ‘Ye’ – his address on creativity and helping the people of the world was either pure genius, or the rantings of a mad-man.

Whatever your leaning, however, you can’t deny that Kanye brought more passion to his daytime TV appearance than three decades of similar television in the UK.

Can you imagine Craig from Big Brother going off like this?

West’s latest elaborate rant got us thinking though.

His outbursts are often so weird, would any of us really be able to tell real quotes of his from totally made-up nonsense?

So, without further ado, test your ability to distinguish an authentic slice of Kanye from our own strange creations.

Take the quiz below and see how well you know your Mr. West. Real quote or fake? You decide:


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