Who should be the #NextBond? 10 of the funniest suggestions
Danny DeVito

Inevitably, when the news broke that Daniel Craig had reportedly flat-out declined to do any further James Bond movies (turning down £68 million, we hasten to add), the internet erupted, and it wasn’t long before #NextBond was proudly trending on Twitter.

Studio execs should rest easy knowing that the future of their historic franchise is safe, in the hands of us, their loyal fans. Forget Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba guys – we’ll find the next Bond, you mark our words.

Someone call the casting department, and tell them Twitter’s got it covered. Here are ten of the best suggestions:

1. A… cat?


2. Danny De Vito?

Frank Reynolds? No. Philoctetes? Yes.

3. Vod from Fresh Meat?

Ah yes, set the next James Bond in an overcrowded Manchester Student house… undercover or something.

4. Barney Stinson?

Of course, he couldn’t say “legen – dary” any more, else he’d get shot in between pauses.

5. Boris?

Imagine the chase scenes

6. 006?

That and, you know, he was already in GoldenEye as 006. And already died.

7. Boaty McBoatface?

If there is a man out there with that name, we proclaim it his destiny to audition.

8. D.C?

Something that David Cameron seems to lack in the “looking like a Greek God” department makes us think this is unlikely, but weirder things have happened.

9. Patricia?

She certainly knows how to ‘spy’ on her neighbours. Am I right? Am I right guys? Yeah?

10. Jason Bourne?

Might as well.


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