Why ‘No Context Louis’ should be your new favourite Twitter account
Louis Theroux

Once in a while, an image will dance across your Twitter timeline with some whimsical genius that sees you unintentionally spit spaghetti hoops all over your phone.

The simply titled ‘No Context Louis’ (@NoContextLouis) is that sort of account.

The account focuses on screencaps from documentary maker extraordinaire Louis Theroux, and the body of work that has led him to say and do things that most other human beings simply don’t get a chance to.

Case in point:

While these utterances often make sense when Louis is in the midst of neo-nazis, porn stars and swingers’ parties – when presented on their own they can be ridiculously funny.

The account has been up and running from May 13, already racking up thousands of retweets and gaining more than 60,000 followers. Which goes to show how much love there is out there for a slice of Theroux on your timeline.

Oh, and in its short life-time this far, @NoContextLouis has also already gained the attention of a certain notable celebrity fan.

Main image: BBC


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