Glasgow’s beloved ‘munchie box’ gets a healthy rival
Glasgow healthy munchie box

We recently reported on the Bits n’ Pieces Cafe’s 9″ breakfast munchie box – a treasure trove of square sausage, black pudding and tattie scones that was causing a stir across Glasgow’s Southside.

But there’s a new challenger to Glasgow’s crown as the most internet-breaking fast food option, and the Kim Kardashian of takeaway meals. And it comes from PJ’s Buttercups in the Ayrshire town of Ardrossan.

This healthy alternative to the usual kebab-heavy Glaswegian treat is the ‘Salad Box’ – which contains flour tortillas, gammon and (unsurprisingly) plenty of salad.

To promote this new menu highlight, the Glasgow Street restaurant was offering one free munchie box to anyone who would like and share a Facebook post. And things went pretty insane.

The post got over 700 likes and 670 shares in the space in the space of three days. That’s more than 700 people who are desperate for this healthy alternative to the usual munchie box.

The competition proved such a viral storm that the Ardrossan restaurant was feeling particularly generous, writing on their Facebook:

“Due to the success of the box I’ve chosen 2 winners but also we will give any local slimming group that contacts me a free sample”

Brucey bonus!

The question is: will this ‘salad box’ mania become a wave that overtakes the whole of Ayrshire? We’re not sure we’re ready to give up our kebabs just yet…

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