Could this Brexit music festival line-up convince you to Vote Leave?
East 17

“People of Birmingham, are you ready to rock?! Are you ready to discuss TTIP and the ineffectiveness of an unelected governing body!?”

The EU Referendum seems to have kicked into overdrive in the last few weeks, and while the politicians have attempted to win you over with statistics and Hitler comparisons, it’s time for the artists to go after your hearts.

BPop Live is the Brexit campaign’s official concert, featuring a smorgasbord of pop talent coming out to support Vote Leave.

The one-day festival is taking place at the NEC Arena in Birmingham on June 19 and has announced a few of its headline act already.

Alesha Dixon, formerly of Mis-Teeq, Strictly Come Dancing and current Britain’s Got Talent judge is the biggest name on the bill. Which does raise the question of whether knife-swallowing jugglers from Poland are truly safe on the ITV prime-time programme.

Also included are ’90s heart-throbs 5ive, who have now stripped back their line-up to, erm, just two members. Do we assume from the missing 60 per cent of 5ive that J, Abz and Sean are actually planning a pro-Europe three?

Representing the Transatlantic connection of the BPop Live event are disco queens Sister Sledge and Gwen Dickey, former leader singer of soul group Rose Royce

But, the irony cherry on this pretty spectacular cake has to be cockney boy band East 17, undoubtedly performing a stirring rendition of their Christmas number one ‘Stay Another Day’.

Once again, that’s ‘Stay Another Day’, at a concert dedicated to leaving…Union Jacks at the ready, folks.

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