Experience fresh ingredients and fun times at The Botanist
The Botanist

Chatting with the staff at The Botanist during a recent cocktail masterclass, you get an understanding of the seriousness with which they take their roles at this Leeds city centre bar.

When you bear in mind that members of staff have to take a test during each shift to ensure they can free pour (the masterclass proves that it takes a great deal of skill to be able to do this), you get an idea of why The Botanist has become such a loved location in Leeds among those who like a drink after work or at the weekend.

In many Leeds cocktail bars, a large chunk of the experience tends to involve standing at the bar waiting to be served.

Bartender at The Botanist

This shouldn’t be the case at The Botanist, where bartenders try to remember numerous drink orders at a time and then attempt to pour them all with the precision you’d expect for near perfect cocktails.

While the booze is certainly a huge draw, it’s not the only reason to visit.

The food menu has its own reputation, including the renowned Hanging Kebabs, and the wonderful decor provides a real talking point, bringing a touch of rural to the heart of the city.


If you get the chance to take your drinking experience one step further by attending one of the cocktail masterclasses, you’ll get a real sense of the passion that goes into the bar’s successful business model.

Highlights include the Thai Chilli Crush, which boasts fresh red chilli, gin, apple and lemon juice, and green apple liqueur to create something rather remarkable that sets your taste buds on fire in style.

Cocktail at the Botanist

Whatever you order at The Botanist and whatever the occasion, you’re in safe hands with the truly talented team of bartenders, who have some of the finest fresh ingredients at their disposal.

The Botanist, 67 Boar Lane, Leeds LS1 6HW, more info

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