Morgan: the Species-esque horror that could be this year’s Ex Machina
Morgan screenshot

One of the most intriguing trailers of the year so far dropped last night.

Morgan is a sci-fi horror movie about a lab-bred ‘superhuman’; with the age and demeanour of a child, but the (deadly) intelligence and skills of something far more sinister.

Compelling, moody and potentially complex, there just might be the vibes of a confined character driven thriller to rival Ex Machina here.

Just maybe.

From the looks of things, it really should be on your radar if you’re in any way a genre fan.

Creepy atmosphere

The ominous premise may remind you of ’90s cult-classic Species, a flawed but fondly-remembered thriller about a rapidly developing half-human, half-alien girl who escapes from the installation where she was created. But this new movie looks to take a thoroughly disturbing, arthouse approach to the subject-matter.

As observers look on nervously at ‘Morgan’ through security glass, her form cleverly disguised in shadow (and her ever-present hood), the teaser does a brilliant job of building a sense of ominous dread and foreboding.

Those unsettling, murmuring female voices on the soundtrack have our spines tingling already.

Strong cast

Much like Species, there’s an interesting mix of respected character actors among the ensemble – together with some rising stars.

Paul Giamatti and Toby Jones are mesmerising at their best, and you should expect sensational newcomer Anya Taylor-Joy, who was nothing short of superb in The Witch, to truly freak you out as the titular menace.

The Witch

Taylor-Joy in The Witch

Meanwhile, Kate Mara looks to make a relatable protagonist, while Rose Leslie – so great in both Game Of Thrones and Utopia – is also a very promising talent to have along for the ride.

Ridley Scott’s son at the helm

Making his directorial debut is Luke Scott, son of renowned filmmaker, Ridley, who has previous worked with his father as a Second Unit Director on acclaimed sci-fi drama The Martian, among other projects.

The Martian

If he’s picked up some top tips and insights from his dad over the years, we could be in for a treat. Especially considering the potential for an Alien like atmosphere to strike here.

Regardless, be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Morgan will be released later this year


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