Who said it: Boris Johnson or Alan Partridge?
Boris Johnson Alan Partridge


One is a bumbling buffoon renowned for causing outrage and amusement with his ludicrous rants and bizarre broadcast-ed claims. The other is Alan Partridge.

Yes, that’s right. Both Boris Johnson and East Anglia’s finest radio DJ have a lot more in common than you’d think. And we’re pretty sure that Alan, like BoJo, would be an ardent supporter of the Brexit campaign. Particularly if it meant a greater chance of fixing Norwich’s notorious town-planning issues.

Partridge traffic gif

With Partridge set to tour the UK and BoJo himself currently sweeping the nation in his bid to push for a ‘Leave’ vote in the EU referendum, we challenge you to tell the blustering pair apart.

The two men are known for their sometimes surreal statements and outbursts. But which of these preposterous quotes were uttered by Johnson, and which came forth from the fictional gob of Partridge?

Take the quiz now:


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