Is this digital typewriter a cool writing tool, or a hipster gimmick?
Freewrite Typewriter

You know how it is.

You’re in the middle of writing the final chapter of your big breakthrough novel, and you can’t get to the end of it because you keep clicking on a funny video link on Facebook and tagging a pal.

It’s a conundrum for all writers. There’s just too many damn funny things on the internet these days. So the people at Astrohaus have come up with a solution.


The ‘Freewrite’ is a digital typewriter, completely portable with a four-week battery life that lets you type things up on the go – without the risk of distraction from the rest of the digital world.

It’s got an old-school ‘click-clack’ mechanical keyboard, and a wi-fi connection to make sure your work syncs up to an online cloud.

Not into it? Well turns out a lot of people are. The New York company managed to raise a whopping $342,471 from more than 1,000 backers in the last two years using Kickstarter.

The thing is, you just know that the Freewrite is going to be the latest hipster must-have. We can already see the Nathan Barley crowd twiddling long moustaches and pondering their great novel over a bowl of Coco Pops at at the nearest cereal cafe.

Still, only time will tell if this distraction-free digital typewriter will spawn something spectacular, or if it’s destined to gather dust in the cupboard, next to unloved segways.

More information on the Freewrite can be found at

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