Meet the man who made a real-life version of Pong
Table Pong Project

Ever felt like you wanted to dive right into the world of your favourite video game?

Well that was the idea of hobbyist and retro-games enthusiast, Daniel Perdomo, who decided to build a real-life version of ’70s Atari classic Pong – and his physical creation is absolutely incredible.

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Seriously, that’s not a shop-bought project, but a total labour of love.

One fan posted the above clip of Daniel’s real-life Pong table on Reddit, and it was on the site’s front page in a matter of hours, racking up over two million views.

“I got the idea one day when I was playing with magnets with my daughter, moving one over a table and another under the table,” explains Daniel, speaking to WOW247 earlier today.

The skilled craftsman is from Montevideo in Uruguay, and is 43 years old.

“I was born in 1972 – the same year as Pong. Funny.”

The viral hit was no overnight success for Daniel, however. The table took more than two years to construct in his spare time, with many difficulties along the way:

“There were a lot of hard parts. Everything was learned on the fly, when a problem appeared.

“The main challenge was to get the balance between magnet types, distances, the weight of the ball and surface type. If the magnets are too weak, the ball can’t follow when you change direction suddenly, but if the magnets are too strong the friction over the table is huge and the ball can’t follow either. The surface was a big factor too.”

Table Pong Project


Daniel explained that the project was something of a surprise to his friends and family.

“My family and friends are as surprised as I am – we had no background in electronics or product design. It was a challenge for me. I just wanted to see how far could I go with the idea.”

It turns out…pretty far. The table is kitted out with lights, a scoreboard and easy-to-use controls – with Daniel’s daughter having a go in the Youtube video he posted of the table’s creation.

As for the possibility of actually being able to buy one of these, Daniel explains he’s pushing ahead with it.

“I have some ideas about my next project, but I want to focus on this because this is just a first prototype. I want to do a lot of modifications and improvements to it.

“We are receiving many offers to market it and we are looking for a hardware incubator to help us make a production-ready prototype and maybe kickstart it.

“I am very exited about all that is happening. The reaction and goodwill of people is a huge inspiration for us.”

You can find out more at the Table Pong Project Facebook page


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