Internet comment hunt reveals hidden sci-fi novel
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On any other day, the vast selection of random comments on the popular content sharing and discussion site Reddit are considered inane babble. But this is not any other day.

For unbeknown to most, short segments of an entire original sci-fi novel have been randomly posted and smuggled into Reddit comment threads, prompting users into an Easter Egg hunt for future chapters.

Little is known about the plot of the novel, but Redditors have managed to collate 74 separate posts (all of which you can read here) by user 9M9H9E9, whose identity is also currently somewhat of a mystery.

But it goes deeper than mere intrigue.

In fact, Reddit users have formed an entirely new thread simply to speculate on the future of the novel, so if you’re sat there thinking “he’s got no chance selling his book on an internet forum”, you might just be invited to eat your words.

We hesitate to tell you some of the exact details of the conspiracy-driven fiction, for fear of scaring you off, because “portals made of thousands of dead bodies” and “fleshy sacks heavily dosed with LSD” can sound slightly off-putting at first.

But come on, it’s a sci-fi novel – they’re not exactly all roses and fairy dust, are they?

The collective works of MHE (as he is now known on the web) are scattered randomly across the website, and revolve around multiple different characters situated in multiple different time zones and places.

For example, pieces of the story seem to focus on the life of a Nazi death camp administrator, while others concern an ex-hippie living near the Manson family in America.

So, yeah, the Rabbit Hole is seriously deep with this one.

But hey, given the apparent decline of paper literature, this seems like an awesome way to garner interest for a brand new novel.

MHE gets some public attention as a writer, while we get to go on a gigantic digital orienteering hunt across the entire internet, in a bid to find the next segment.

And that’s more than you get when you read Dune.

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