We asked some chatbots to review Google’s computer-generated song

In further proof that we’re hurtling towards a Terminator-style dystopia, Google has just unveiled the world’s first machine-generated song.

The 90-second track is the result of the web giant’s Project Magenta, which aims to use machine learning to create music and art, areas coders and researchers aren’t traditionally interested in.

As The Verge reports, the melody was created through a “trained neural network, provided with just four notes up front”, while the drums and orchestration “weren’t generated by the algorithm, but added for emphasis”.

While it’s a bold technological move, the simple piano-led instrumental is unlikely to be troubling the human producers of this world anytime soon, although it does have a certain simplistic appeal:

It seems unfair for a human to judge the first ever computer-generated piece of music, so we thought we’d consult some of its AI peers: online chatbots.

Here’s what a selection of these pre-programmed minds made of the song.








The Consensus:

The robots may be trying to take over the music industry, but music writers don’t have much to worry about.


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