I want to love the new Ghostbusters – so why is the studio making it so hard?
Ghostbusters 2016

It’s been a difficult few months for Ghostbusters fans like me.

I want to love the new Ghostbusters reboot, I really do. So why does the studio’s publicity machine seem hell bent on turning me against it?

As a card-carrying Ghostbusters fan – I went to see the original film at the cinema in 1984, owned the computer game and recently bought the gorgeous Visual History– I’ve been hoping for a new film for decades.

I’ve followed the numerous rumours over the years about sequels and reboots with interest, finally certain that the concept was deader than something caught in a proton beam.

When we did finally get confirmation that a sequel had been greenlit, news of an all-female cast sent the internet into meltdown, with accusations of sexism against anyone who suggested this was a bad idea.

Though it’s fair to say many of the responses were actually very, very sexist…

Still, I was resigned to the fact that I probably wouldn’t be 100% happy with whoever was cast, but the negative buzz wasn’t a good start to the film’s publicity drive.

It also wasn’t clear whether it was a sequel set after the original or a fresh take on things.

As it turned out, the editors of the first trailers didn’t seem to know either, confusing the matter by suggesting it was a follow-up before making it look like a reboot.

The end result was a trailer that received an overwhelmingly negative reaction on YouTube and endless blog posts discussing whether people were still being sexist or if it just wasn’t a great trailer.

Even the cast started issuing reactions to the reactions, with Melissa McCarthy telling Yahoo Movies:

“I don’t even talk about it … [Ghostbusters] was a blast making, it was really fun and the movie’s going to be amazing.”

In the last few weeks we’ve had Dan Aykroyd weighing in on the matter by stating that the new film has “more laughs and scares than the first two films, plus Bill Murray is in it.”

Although his status as an executive producer on the film does mean he has a vested interested in seeing it do well – and he did think Blues Brothers 2000 was a pretty neat idea.

This week it was revealed that the film’s soundtrack will include the likes of Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot covering Ray Parker Jnr’s classic theme. Perhaps not the most cutting edge talent around (though 5 Seconds of Summer’s fanbase could help boost interest from the younger crowd).

It’s been an exhausting few months trying to stay positive about Ghostbusters 2016, but there’s still a chance the film could rise above all of the negativity and prove itself worthy of its predecessors.

I’m just hoping Slimer doesn’t come out as a Donald Trump supporter before the film’s release, or things could get really nasty.


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