The Avalanches collaborators who prove the comeback will be worth the wait
The Avalanches

From Danny Brown to Father John Misty, The Avalanches have amassed some serious talent for their long-awaited second album

It’s been 16 years in the making and at some points even they didn’t think it would see the light of day.

But the follow-up to The Avalanches iconic debut album Since I Left You is really happening. The band shared the incredibly fun ‘Frankie Sinatra’ earlier today whilst announcing plans for the new album.

The follow-up record Wildflower, is set for release on July 8 and compiles of a number of songs from The Avalanches vaults, according to their chat with Zane Lowe on his Beats One radio show:

“I think for us, we just kept making music, which we’d always done and probably always will do. There was so much of it, and so many different projects going on, that at a certain point we realized we had to pull a record together.”

The band revealed that a number of big name collaborators still remain in the vault, including Swedish musician Jens Lekman and Empire of the Sun‘s Luke Steel.

However, the list of collaborators and guests who made it onto the album is enough to have many hoping the record can prove that the wait isn’t the important thing – but what we get in the end.

The artists who made the cut prove that good things come to those who wait.

Danny Brown

The hip-hop oddity features heavily on the new track ‘Frankie Sinatra’, adding his strange lyrical flow and vocal stylings over the track’s oompa-loompa beat.

Danny Brown was talking about his work with the Australian group a few years ago, and told radio station Triple J that the new single wasn’t even the best track:

“I did one song with them a while ago and it was cool. They felt like it was okay and I felt like it was okay. But then we actually got in the studio and made a record and I swear the record we made is incredible. ‘Frank Sinatra’ was the first one we did.

“That was cool but the one we did after that… I swear, if we put that out, it’ll change the world. I heard it that first night and that was the only time I heard it. I wanna hear it again!”

Wait…so there could be an even better track still to come?

MF Doom

Possibly the only man in music who could match The Avalanches in terms of mystery, MF Doom is hip-hop’s masked super-villain.

Doom featured on a short verse of ‘Frankie Sinatra’ but we’re hoping this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his time on the new record. The artist is responsible for some of the most progressive rap albums of the last two decades and has been quiet for too long.

Father John Misty

Father John Misty

Anthony Longstaff

Beardy folk-popper Father John Misty has gone from strength to strength since breaking from Fleet Foxes.

Aside from his own impressive solo work, the singer-songwriter featured in Lana Del Ray’s ‘Freak’ video as cult-leader figure – he also contributed to two songs on Beyonce’s hit album Lemonade. It’s fair to say the guy has a range of interests.

Toro Y Moi

Chazwick Bradley Bundick is an artist whose popularity has continued to bubble underneath the surface, without ever quite breaking into the mainstream. Saying that, Toro Y Moi remains an artist with tons of potential, and the attempts to mix his ‘chillwaves’ with something more bizarre from The Avalanches sounds like it could be promising.

Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis

Proving that this band of guests is more strange than the line-up in The Usual Suspects, The Avalanches confirmed that Bad Seed and all-round Australian wild-man Warren Ellis is also expected to appear in some form.

Warren is best known for his work with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, as well as side-project Grinderman, but also is a crazy talented multi-instrumentalist who can play a violin with more rock n’ roll swagger than any other.

Biz Markie

The antipodean band joked with Zane Lowe that their musical collection is something of a Prince-style vault, and nothing showcases that more than the inclusion of Biz Markie on the song credits. The rapper is known as the ‘Clown Prince of Hip-Hop’ and for his late Eighties pop-rap hit ‘Just A Friend‘ – which may just be the most Eighties videos of all time.

Whatever can be said about the ridiculous wait, the list of guests means Wildflower is set to be an album packed full of surprises.

Wildflower is set for release on July 8 via Astralwerks


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