The best new British additions to Netflix
Peaky Blinders

It’s not all American imports, you know. There’s plenty of great shows and films on Netflix produced closer to home, that are well worth checking out

While we can often get whipped up in the hoop-la over Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black and erm, those Adam Sandler movies, the streaming service’s British contingent is always impressive.

But if you’ve already watched The Royle Family from start to finish, and you’re all too familiar with the Louis Theroux documentaries – there’s a number of fresh additions to the catalogue which are worth a watch.

Here’s a selection of our favourite new British additions to Netflix, from feelgood films to the darkest of dramas.

Happy Valley (Season 1)


It’s not often that a British police drama draws comparisons to iconic US series The Wire – and you don’t start choking on your pickled onions at the suggestion. Sarah Lancaster’s portrayal of Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood and her less-than-sunny personal life makes Happy Valley something far more important than your usual crime show.

There’s a gritty attitude to life, drugs, crime and the aftermath of crime that means Happy Valley has grown into one of the BBC’s most highly regarded shows for a number of years.

Detectorists (Season 1)

Sick of comedy shows with canned laughter and joke set-ups that are obvious from five minutes before? Yep, us too. That’s why BBC Four’s Detectorists feels like a breath of fresh air, with long ambling scenes of Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones trawling fields for lost treasure to the soundtrack of Johnny Flynn.

The Detectorists’ script is also as sharp as the metal scraps that the two find buried away in the ground, and is bound to have you in stitches at the most unexpected moments and subjects.

Peaky Blinders (Season 2)

Brummie-based gangland drama Peaky Blinders has gone from strength to strength since debuting in 2013 – taking period drama into a whole new direction and making big waves in the USA in the process.

Series 3 may currently be under way on the Beeb, but if you need to catch up on the action then Series 2 has been added to Netflix. A series which includes the arrival of Jewish gangster Alfie Solomons, played by the often-volatile Tom Hardy. Things are bound to get interesting.

Dark Horse

Although British audiences often shy away from the mawkish sentimentality of many American favourites, there’s films that will occasionally break our stiff upper lips into wobbly bottom lip messes. Dark Horse: The Incredible Trust Story of Dream Alliance is such a film.

The documentary tells the story of a barmaid in a Welsh mining town, who attempts to breed a racehorse with the help of the local community. It’s a story about class, community and horseracing (naturally) which is well worth the 85 minute running time for a true feelgood factor.

Slow West

Michael Fassbender leads this joint UK and New Zealand production which WOW’s resident film critic Matthew Turner described as “a cinematic treat to be savoured“.

The story follows a young Scottish teenager’s journey across the Wild West of America, in search of the woman he loves, who attracts the guidance of an outlaw (Michael Fassbender) willing to help him along the way. It’s a film that’s lovingly shot by a former member of The Beta Band – what more could you ask for?

45 Years

45 Years

Once again proving that British film-making is at its best when dishing out thoughtful dramas that take their time and work a spell on the audience. 45 Years picked up a lot of positive attention when it debuted at the Edinburgh International Film Festival last year and featured in many critic’s best of the year lists.

45 Years is the story of a married couple whose world is shaken apart in the build-up to their 45th wedding anniversary, following news of a former love interest previously lost. It’s a captivating tale, with some grounding in real-life, and lives up to the glowing critical praise.


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