Dennis the Menace could be Britain’s answer to Iron Man
Dennis The Menace

With news of a TV series, a potential movie and a digital hub – maybe it’s time we embrace the Beano as our own offbeat answer to Marvel

In what seems to be a constant stream of children’s shows being remade for the newest generation of sprogs, the Beano are currently in talks for a new 52 episode animated series.

According to The Guardian, the show is set to be titled Dennis and Gnasher – Unleashed! and will feature a slightly aged Dennis compared to his usual perpetual ten-year-old self. There are also plans for a film release as well as digital videos, content, games and even a social network focused on seven to ten year olds.

There’s also talk that this new version will be CGI, instead of the traditional comic book style.

Look, we know what you’re all thinking…

…but let’s ponder the positives of this for a second.

The Beano is Britain’s longest standing comic book series, running from 1938 and reaching its 3,500th episode back in 2009. It’s a cultural icon and one that is under threat of becoming extinct.

The comic book’s long-time rival The Dandy ceased its print-run back in 2012 and moved completely online, before finally shutting its doors not long after.

Those who are wiping away tears about computer generated versions of Dennis, Gnasher, The Bashstreet Kids and Billy Whizz are the same people who would moan if the comic book was to close altogether.

Fifteen years ago, Marvel Comics was a reputable brand, but one with no obvious future outside its loyal readers. Now, it’s a multi-million dollar film studio and a guaranteed summer blockbuster.

Maybe it’s a stretch to suggest that The Beano could be the UK’s answer the Marvel brand – but what’s the harm in giving it a go? If it means that children can still pick up a comic from their local newsagents, that’s great.

And let’s face it, while you may scoff at the idea of Dennis The Menace being as cool a screen presence as Tony Stark, just remember that no one outside of comic books had even heard of Iron Man a few years ago. And Dennis is already a much-loved little scamp.


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