Ranking the Euro 2016 anthems from worst to best
Super Furry Animals bing bong

This weekend (June 10) sees the start of the Euro 2016 tournament – a festival of the finest football Europe has to offer. And some of the weirdest tunes

The office sweepstakes have been pooled (c’mon Albania!), the wall-chart blu-tacked to the wall, and you’ve so many sticker swaps you don’t know what to do with them.

But it’s not just about on-field action; what are the fans going to be singing on the terraces?

The anthems released around the occasion of a big footballing tournament can be as memorable as the matches themselves, so we’ve compiled some of Euro 2016’s weird and wonderful anthems, and counted them down from worst to best:

8. David Guetta feat. Zara Larsson – This One’s For You

This woeful slice of copy-and-paste EDM is the official anthem of the entire tournament, and is the kind of song that tells you ‘it’s the taking part that counts’.


7. Skip The Use – I Was Made For Lovin’ You (My Team)

Something as innocuous as a novelty anthem for a football tournament isn’t the sort of thing you’d usually associate with mass public outrage, but when it was announced the official song for France was to be a reworking of an English-language song, people were not happy.

Skip The Use’s version of Kiss’s track prompted French minister Andre Vallini to call the situation “very concerning”.

6. The 1966 – Gonna Win The Euros

Gonna win the euros song

This terrible, terrible budget England anthem is at least saved by the fact it’s all for charity and part of a scheme by MyVoucherCodes to reduce the cost of fans’ enjoyment of the game.

All proceeds are donated to music therapy charity Nordoff-Robbins.

Listen to the track here

5. Manic Street Preachers – Together Stronger (C’mon Wales)

The Manics, once a Clash-inspired aggro-punk outfit, have taken some bafflingly mainstream career turns in their recent, Dad-rock guise, and their official anthem for Wales is just the latest.

They’ve helpfully stuck in ‘C’Mon Wales’ in parenthesis to ram the point home, though awkward references to Gary Speed and Wales’ qualifying campaign should be clear enough.

4. Four Lions – We Are England

Happy Mondays live

[Credit: Getty]

‘Supergroup’ is pushing it a little bit when talking about this band involving Shaun Ryder, Paul Oakenfold and Goldie, but in lieu of an official anthem for England, we’ll take this catchy, Happy Mondays-esque number any day of the week.

The chorus is just memorably simple enough to be hollered down the local on a 2pm kick-off. “We’re England ’til we die” ad nauseam, basically…

Listen to the track here

3. Seo Linn – The Irish Roar

seo linn band photo

The official song of Ireland, ‘The Irish Roar’ is just the sort of thing you’d expect from a band who came to attention through an Irish-language cover of Avicci’s ‘Wake Me Up’.

But sometimes, unashamed clubland beats, hand claps, and group vocals about overcoming the odds are just the sort of thing you need to pump you up before losing 2-0 to Sweden…

Listen to the track here

2. Felix Jaehn & Herbert Grönemeyer – Jeder für Jeden

The official anthem of Germany is a hands down, bona fide banger. If our rudimentary, GCSE-level German serves us correctly, it’s actually a rewrite of a pacifist anthem that told of everyone coming together for a better world.

Of course, slap a load of football metaphors over the whole thing and you’ve the perfect sporting anthem, and an epic teased drop marks this track out.

1. Super Furry Animals – Bing Bong

Only a band like the Super Furry Animals would opt to return from a 7-year hiatus with an unofficial anthem for the Welsh football team.

An indecipherable wonder for anyone who doesn’t speak Welsh (aside from the track’s catchy ‘bing bong’ refrain) the whole mad thing is astonishing, and the video demonstrates the band’s footballing skills (no camera tricks we’re sure).

Super Furry Animals just won comeback single of the day

Euro 2016 runs from June 10 to July 10


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