Is Larry David planning more Curb Your Enthusiasm?
Larry David

In some pretty, pretty good news, it’s been revealed that Larry David could be considering a new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm

We haven’t seen Larry’s awkward, neurotic, confrontation-loving version of himself since the eighth and final season in 2011.

But David’s co-star on the HBO show J.B. Smoove, who became his unconventional housemate in the last three seasons, revealed that the Seinfeld co-creator had been mulling over more Curb, and had asked if he’d be interested.

Talking to The Rich Eisen Show, Smoove said: “I call Larry every two weeks, because he’s old. I always check on older people.”

During one of these phone conversations, David brought up Curb and said that he’s “thinking about coming back.”

And when David asked if Smoove would be available, the actor replied that he would “move anything to the side for Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Whether this turns out to be true or just a bit of Hollywood tittle-tattle remains to be seen, but it’s already got fans excited about the prospect of more painfully awkward moments like this.

Larry has recently been perfecting his Bernie Sanders impressions on Saturday Night Live.

But with the Democratic candidate all but out of the race, David should have a Curb-shaped hole in his schedule. We hope.


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