Anton Yelchin: six performances that prove he was a rising star
Odd Thomas

Film fans everywhere were left reeling yesterday from the news that talented young actor Anton Yelchin has been tragically killed in a freak accident. He was just 27

The shocking death comes just weeks before the release of Star Trek Beyond, in which Yelchin will appear posthumously as eccentric fan favourite Pavel Chekov.

Over the past decade Yelchin proved himself as one of the movie industry’s leading young stars across a diverse range of films, in both mainstream hits, and future cult classics.

RIP to a superstar in waiting. Here are six of his most memorable performances. We urge you to check them out if you haven’t already.

Charlie Bartlett (2007)

Charlie Bartlett

As the eponymous rebel in this witty, satirical teen comedy, Yelchin excelled in an energetic role that had his character selling psychiatric drugs to fellow high-school students, and more than held his own against Robert Downey Jr as the booze-guzzling principal. A Ferris Bueller for the modern age.

Star Trek (2009)

Strikingly cast as the baby-faced, boy genius Chevok in JJ Abrams’ exhilarating reboot of the sci-fi classic, Yelchin had so much manic energy and infectious enthusiasm you couldn’t help but smile whenever he was on screen. “I can do zat! I CAN DO ZAT!”

Like Crazy (2011)

In a smart, touching romantic drama about a couple forced into a long-distance trans-atlantic relationship, Yelchin’s warm charisma and impressive improvised performance connected with critics and audiences alike. The director’s tribute to the actor shows just how highly regarded his contribution was.

Fright Night (2011)

As silly as it may seem on paper (and even in practice), Colin Farrell as an evil vampire neighbour and David Tennant channeling Russell Brand add up to a gleefully fun teen horror flick, with Yelchin’s enjoyable turn as the suspicious and disbelieved youth at its centre the icing on the cake. An entertaining ’80s homage for sure.

Odd Thomas (2013)

Odd Thomas

In one of the most under-appreciated offbeat gems of recent years, Yelchin Thomas is mesmerising as a fry-cook who sees dead people, and uses his powers to aid the deceased, stop crimes and bring perps to justice. Like Donnie Darko meets Scott Pilgrim – and deserving of greater recognition.

Green Room (2015)

Playing a key part in one of the finest thrillers of recent times, Yelchin’s punk rocker is a sympathetic lynchpin in a grim, uncompromising drama that sees his band besieged backstage by vicious Neo-Nazi thugs. Tense, moody and gripping – with the star as a central figurehead to root for.


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