Clancy Brown on Highlander: ‘It’s been 30 years and it won’t go away, it’s astounding’
Clancy Brown

One of cinema’s greatest villains discusses his time fighting battles – and Glaswegian police – in Scotland

It was 30 years ago that Highlander exploded onto cinema screens, the story of two immortals fighting a battle through the centuries that finally ended in New York.

This weekend saw the Edinburgh International Film Festival celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary with a special screening, inviting actor Clancy Brown along to reminisce about his role as The Kurgan, one of the best villains of the 1980s.

Highlander kurgen gifHighlander kurgen gif

Brown starred opposite French actor Christophe Lambert, who played the titlular Highlander, Conner MacLeod, and Sean Connery as “Spanish peacock”, Ramirez.

“Sean said only three words to me the entire show, ‘Do you golf?’ I said no, and that was the last time he spoke to me.”

Recalling the shoot, which spanned Scotland, New York and Wales, and his relationship with director Russell Mulcahy, Brown was positive.

“I had a good time, I wasn’t constrained too much by the script and Russell didn’t ever tell me to stop doing something.”

The actor also has clear memories of his arrival in Scotland for filming.

“When we first went up to Glencoe to shoot the battle scenes, I wasn’t treated like most of the cast and and had to take a train up to Glasgow. I got into the station around midnight and there was nobody to pick me up. I thought I’d have to spend the night in the station, until a Glasgow copper told me to move along.”

On his return to the Highlander universe for the anniversary, which will also see the release of restored special edition Blu-ray in July, Brown admitted it was “a little weird.”

“It’s been 30 years and it won’t go away, it’s astounding. And that I’m the only guy here! Where the hell is Sean, Roxanne, Chris and Russell? Maybe they don’t like me?”

Watch the interview:

The Highlander 30th edition restoration will also be screened at the following cinemas:

Belmont Filmhouse Aberdeen – 15 July
Filmhouse Edinburgh – 18 July
Eden Court Inverness – 29 August


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