David Bowie’s Glastonbury tribute sounds absolutely beautiful
David Bowie

Glastonbury have announced their on-stage tribute to the Thin White Duke at this year’s festival, including a full orchestra and lights show

The headline set at this year’s Glastonbury is planned as a tribute to David Bowie, who left our planet earlier this year, with an orchestral tribute on The Park Stage on Saturday June 25.

Conductor Charles Hazlewood will be heading up a version of Philip GlassHeroes Symphony with an orchestra consisting of members of Army of Generals as well as the British Paraorchestra.

Heroes Symphony was an album recorded by Philip Glass in 1996, based on the music of Bowie’s iconic Berlin era album Heroes.

Philip Glass Heroes Symphony

American composer Glass has long been a fan of Bowie’s work and the feeling was mutual, with Bowie also being greatly influenced by the minimalist composer.

Army of Generals are Hazelwood’s long-time orchestral partners, known for their use of authentic 18th and 19th century instruments – whilst the British Paraorchestra is a group solely consisting of musicians with disabilities.

The music will be also accompanied by a light show from artist Chris Levine.

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When told of Hazlewood’s plans to bring the album to Glastonbury, Glass was fully on board:

“I was delighted. It’s very exciting to think of it playing – at the midnight hour – out across the parkland, a true celebration of Bowie.

“I am so very pleased members of the British Paraorchestra and Chris Levine’s epic iy_project light performance will be part of it – what a spectacular collaboration. This is sound and vision Bowie-style!!”

Plenty of Bowie tributes have taken place over the last few months, notably with Lady Gaga performing a breakneck rendition of the artist’s catalogue at the Grammy Awards, as well as a more low-key tribute from Lorde at the Brit Awards.

This orchestral take on the Bowie back catalogue feels like an interesting direction for Glastonbury to take and could be the tribute which gets closest to capturing the Thin White Duke’s avante-garde spirit.

You could even imagine him showing up.

A Celebration of David Bowie will take place on Saturday June 29, on The Park Stage at 11:45pm


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