Every video game movie in the works right now
God Of War

Video game based movies have crept into Hollywood’s framework of late in a big way, with particular emphasis being put on Duncan Jones’ very recent adaptation of World of Warcraft, and Assassin’s Creed coming to a cinema near you in time for Christmas.

The market for film adaptations of video games has risen considerably in recent times, packing some real punch at the box office and astounding gawking critics everywhere; after all, £70 million gross profit isn’t bad for an Angry Birds movie, is it?

House not bad

It only made sense for Hollywood to put some serious weight behind this possible fad, and although many of these productions are moving extremely slowly, none are in what those in the know call “development hell” (a state of total disarray).

Here’s every upcoming video game adaptation – take a deep breath:

Assassin’s Creed, December 21 2016

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, February 24 2017

Uncharted, June 29 2017

The Witcher TBC

Sonic the Hedghog, sometime in 2018

Tetris TBC

Thief TBC

RollerCoaster Tycoon TBC

Raving Rabbids TBC

Minecraft TBC

Half-Life TBC

Portal TBC

Mortal Kombat TBC

Mass Effect TBC

Splinter Cell TBC

Tomb Raider TBC

Sly Cooper TBC

Borderlands TBC

Centipede, TBC

Missile Command, TBC

Deus Ex, TBC

The Division, TBC

Five Nights at Freddy’s, TBC

God of War, TBC

…aaaaand relax

With a list as long as that, we have to hope that we’ll get at least one decent video game movie adaptation out of it, don’t we?

It doesn’t bode well that most of these upcoming planned movies don’t have release dates, and it leaves us wondering if the studios are really putting much effort into the production of these films at all.

Sure, recent blockbusters have given video game movies a chance, but it doesn’t look like it’s really being taken seriously by the powers that be.

Jack Sparrow pondering

Most of these projects were first announced years ago, and have managed to stumble through a minefield of production pitfalls, rather than blazing through the Hollywood battleground with glory.

It’s a miracle, frankly, that they managed to bag Michael Fassbender for the Assassin’s Creed movie, although we sincerely hope the trend of A-listers in video game movies continues.

Assassin's Creed Fassbender 4

Maybe we’re reading too much into it, but we can’t worrying about the future of gaming films. The fear is, of course, that the people behind all the major decisions at the studio don’t really understand what these films are supposed to be about.

Still, we live in hope…


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