Meet the man who makes video game swords in real life
Source: YouTube

Ever seen a replica sword that’s taller than you are?

Forgive us if we’re wrong, but we’re guessing that you probably haven’t had the pleasure of seeing a professional replica of a video game inspired sword.

So marvel at the genius of craftsman, engineer and YouTube user Maexit (or simply ‘Max’, as he asks us to call him) who’s made it his job to forge fantastical blades from the world of gaming in real-life.

Max’s vlog showcasing his Ravager Blade from Monster Hunter catapulted him into the web culture limelight recently.

You’ll be glad to hear that Max loved making the mighty weapon too.

“I always wanted to build the Ravager Blade,” he tells us.

“I played nearly every title and still love it. This was probably may favourite build so far, which was also the reason I decided to share my work on YouTube.”

The video of Max’s masterpiece has reached just over 35,000 views in two months. But you could argue it deserves an even greater amount of attention.

I mean, it’s not as if these projects are done and dusted in a couple of days.

“The time I spend on weapons is extremely variable, but the Ravager Blade for example took me about four weeks, with every day between four and ten hours.”

The Rock clapping

It’s certainly no walk in the park forging fictional swords. But Max has come a long way from just making replicas for fun: the whole thing started as something of a hobby, but quickly escalated.

“I always loved to create stuff, and I started making knives for fun. The knives got bigger and bigger, then someone asked me for a sword from a game  – the Elite Bastard Sword from Dark Souls 2).

“At that point I didn’t have any power tools, except for an angle grinder and a drilling machine.”

Dark Souls 2 screenshot

The sword in question

That’s right: he actually made a replica medieval sword from Dark Souls 2 for his friend. Some of us have mates that’d kick us in the shin to make sure they got the last place in the taxi – and here’s this guy sweating over a forge for weeks on end just to give his friends a cool present.

To quote Max:

“Life is too short to spend it doing things you don’t like.”

Source: YouTube

Max at work on the Ravager Blade

He started as a “mechatronic technician” (we have no idea either), where he learned to work with milling machines and lathes: two devices that feature prominently in the creation of Max’s replicas.

The job didn’t fit his life philosophy, however:

“I can’t agree with a life where I wake up, get stuck in traffic, work eight hours for somebody else, get stuck in traffic again and then be too tired to do anything else.”

So he decided to stop doing that job, and instead make replica swords from video games. Which – I’m sure we don’t need to tell you – is a pretty awesome-sounding occupation.

And yes, he does take suggestions in the comments section of his YouTube videos, so if you’ve got an idea for a possible project, take a shot at getting it through the fan mail.

Fan mail which will, if Max carries on showing off his incredible works, surely sky rocket in coming months.

Check out Max on YouTube now


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