#Dogsatpollingstations is taking the edge off the EU referendum
Referendum dog

After all the news reports, fierce debates and rising tension, EU referendum voting day is finally here.

For now, all we can do is cast our votes and wait, but a very welcome distraction is the resurgence of the ‘#dogsatpollingstations’ hashtag. Nothing takes the edge off a tense visit to the polling station quite like an encounter with a friendly dog. (Trust us, we met one at the polls this morning.)

On that note, here are twelve do-gooding (and adorable) UK dogs who just want to do their bit for democracy and help you on your voting journey.

In London, Badger the parson russell terrier is rallying the troops so no one forgets to vote

This helpful pooch can show you the way to the polling station in Sheffield

A photo posted by @dogsofsheffield on

If you’re in Leeds, you’ve got a pug pal who’ll wait patiently until you’re ready to make your voting decision

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Dixie the daschund in Cardiff can help you with those tricky Welsh translations

Poppi the cocker basset from Leeds will guard the door while you cast your vote

A photo posted by Rik Kendell (@rikki_sixx) on

Miss Darcy the cockapoo and her pals will provide serious #squadgoals on the way to vote in London

Of course Wilf in Bristol will keep you up to date with the latest results as he gets them

A photo posted by @simonbowater on

You’ll get a weimaraner sized welcome back with this lovely pup waiting for you outside in Edinburgh

Yuffie and Effie in London will look way cuter wearing your post-vote sticker than you ever could


A photo posted by Sarah Keeling (@sarahkeels) on

Stanley the Bristol border terrier won’t judge you for leaving it late – he knows how busy you are

And if you need a bit of a sit down after all the excitement, this darling Edinburgh doggy will keep you company

A photo posted by Tapa Leith (@tapaedinburgh) on


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Main image: Instagram / @wagandstride