Glasgow Comic Festival: five essential artists to see
Rachel Stott doctor who

Scotland’s only celebration of comic books, Glasgow Comic Festival is now at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall until Sunday July 3.

Featuring renowned heroes and fast-rising newcomers alike, it’s a feast for fans of everything from popular superhero and sci-fi series to enthusiasts of cult graphic novel fare.

Director Sha Nazir picks out five essential artists to see at this year’s event.

David Aja

David Aja

Probably most famous for his run on Hawkeye with Matt Fraction, for which he won an Eisner award for Best Artist in 2013. The series itself is widely regarded as a fan favourite, and brought a new life to the character through his original style and feel of his books – which are super clean and expressive.

He also worked with Matt Fraction on Immortal Iron Fist, and has done cover work for Scarlet Witch.

Frank Quitely

Frank Quitely

Photo: Alasdair Watson

Home grown talent and industry Megastar, Frank Quitely is now a patron of the festival, and is well known for his individual style and hyper detailed work, which can be seen most recently in his collaboration with Mark Millar: Jupiter’s Legacy.

Quitely has also recently become part of the Comic Invention Exhibition at The Hunterian Museum, where his works from All Star Superman and All New X-men (among others) are on display.

Rachel Stott

Rachel Stott doctor who

Relatively new to the comicbook scene, Rachel’s first work was published in December of 2014, a crossover for IDW between Star Trek and Planet of The Apes. From there, she has taken the industry by storm, and is now working on Titan Comic’s Doctor Who series “Twelfth Doctor”.

Rachel was also the recipient of the 2015 award for Best Newcomer at the British Comic Awards. Safe to say this is an artist to watch.

Clare Forrest

Mighty Women of Science

Speaking of artists to watch, right off of the back of her book Mighty Women of Science, Clare Forrest will be appearing at GCC as a guest. Hosting “The Big Science Comic Draw” during the festival week, Claire has met with considerable success, featuring on STV and the BBC to talk about her work.

With a style that suits all ages and an appeal for everyone, Clare could well be the breakout of the convention.

Cameron Stewart

Cameron Stewart

The writer and illustrator is making his first appearance at GCC this year. A powerhouse personified, he’s worked on Batgirl, BPRD, Catwoman, Assassin’s Creed, Suicide Girls, and most recently, the sequel to Fight Club with Chuck Palahniuk.

With such a distinctive style, Cameron was a sure fire choice for this list.


With many, many more appearing, it was a difficult choice to round down to five, but safe to say there is an abundance of talent at this years convention.

For more information, head to the official site


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