Judi Dench proves she’s the next great hellraiser – at the age of 81
Judi Dench

Dame Judi Dench, one of the finest thespians Britain has ever produced, has celebrated her recent birthday by getting her very first confirmed tattoo

Yes, the beloved 81-year-old actress – who has starred on stage and in films from the James Bond series to period dramas – has chosen to mark the occasion by getting ‘Carpe Diem’ inked across her right wrist.

Is she the next great OAP hellraiser?

It’s not the first time the classically trained actress has shown her wilder side; back in April she photobombed an unsuspecting Zoë Wanamaker on the red carpet of the Olivier Awards:

With these kinds of antics, and her new found penchant for tats (once you get one, you can’t help but get more), could we be looking at yet another hell-raiser to hail from God’s Own County?

We’ve already got Brian Blessed, the late Peter O’Toole and Patrick Stewart on the list of growing-old-disgracefully Yorkshire alumni…

…and it looks as though Dench, who grew up in the North of the region, could be joining this badly-behaved roster.

While this new tattoo is the first confirmed ink for the 81-year old, rumours have previously circulated about another in an altogether less public area. Started by her of course.

She told the Hollywood Reporter in 2014 that she had producer Harvey Weinstein’s name tattooed on her bottom.

“I once said to him, ‘I have your named tattooed on my bum.’ He laughed and was, well, quite embarrassed, actually. It’s quite difficult to embarrass Harvey, but I did!

“I got my makeup lady to actually write Harvey’s name [on my body]. Then I brought it up at lunch and said, ‘You know, I do have it on my bum’ – and then I actually got up and showed him! I’ve never seen a man more embarrassed and I’ve never let him forget it.”

What’s in line for Dench the next time she pops down the tattoo parlour we wonder?

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