Michael Gove joins Twitter – and is promptly trolled into oblivion
Michael Gove

The Conservative MP for Surrey Heath, Michael Gove, joined the world of Twitter just over an hour ago – and has already received a (cough) ‘warm’ welcome

Every self respecting future Prime Minister must come equipped with a Twitter account, so Michael Gove felt it was time to dive in to the world of social media.

The former Education Secretary has been a prominent figure over the days after the EU Referendum

Gove managed to tank Boris’ leadership campaign before announcing he was running himself. He then decided to launch a Twitter account for the campaign, as well as the hashtag #Gove2016.

The potential next Prime Minister describes himself as ‘Father’ and ‘husband’ first, as well as ‘QPR fan’ (despite being born in Edinburgh and raised in Aberdeen).

Anyway, after a week of political nonsense that could put House of Cards and The Thick of It to shame, people needed somewhere to vent their anger.

And vent they did:

Now is not the time for warm welcomes Mr Gove, it seems.


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