Quiz: Gallagher brother insult or Shakespearean put-down?
Noel Gallagher

There’s more in common between the Bard and the Gallaghers than you might assume

This week saw the Gallagher brothers put an end to any Oasis reunion rumours, with the news that they again appear to be in a war of words.

Liam Gallagher took to his Twitter account, to post an all-caps jibe at his brother Noel – referring to him as a ‘pouting potato’.

You have to admit: there is a certain poetry about the Gallagher’s way with words. So we decided to mix them up their potshots at other artists (and each other) with a few jibes written by Shakespeare.

To make it more difficult, we’ve taken The Bard’s words and given them a modern Mancunian twist.

Best of luck, you pouting potatoes.



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