Patrick Stewart singing country classics is everything right now
Patrick Stewart

Sometimes you don’t know you need something until it falls right into your lap – like this video of Sir Patrick Stewart dressed as a cowboy

The former Star Trek captain and Yorkshire’s finest living thespian has shown off his singing talents and recorded a country album, with all funds raised from it going to charity International Rescue Committee.

Stewart performs five country classics altogether, including ‘Rawhide’, ‘Don’t Fence Me In’ and ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’.

As well as the album, Stewart also took part in a promotional video which at one point says:

“Sometimes it takes an Englishman to teach us what’s great about being an American.”

It’s a pretty incredible display, with P. Stew showing off his dancing moves:

Having fun with greenscreens:

And pulling some incredible facial expressions, like this one:

It’s four minutes of YouTube gold that is well worth your time.

You can download Sir Patrick Stewart’s Cowboy Classics Sampler from


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