Someone’s made a working Game Boy in Minecraft – and played Pokemon on it
Source: YouTube

Players have been pushing the limits of endless sandbox creativity source Minecraft for quite some time, but YouTube user Reqaug might have just outdone them all.

They’ve created a working Game Boy Advance within the game – and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

More like a feat of engineering than a mere video game accomplishment, the project was made possible with the use of Structure Blocks – an item in Minecraft that generates other, pre-created structures in one click.

At the touch of a button, the structure block will create a pre-built castle out of thin air, and this mechanic is what makes Reqaug’s creation look so real.

It's so beautiful

As far as we can tell, by repeatedly pressing in-game buttons that are wired up to the gigantic mechanism you see in the video, the repeated generation of the blocks that make up the Game Boy screen give the effect of seamless play.

Essentially, every time he activates the structure blocks, it’s like someone is taking apart a jigsaw, before quickly putting it back together again.

How the in-build level editor works, we will probably never fully understand.

Martin Freeman I have no idea

Some would question the sanity of a person who chooses to play Pokemon through Minecraft, like a really elaborate emulator.

Not us, though. We’re waiting for someone to do a Final Fantasy VII remake in it, because we’re sick of waiting for Square Enix to get their (dubious) act together.


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