Daniel Radcliffe Neo-Nazi film sparks shamefully funny Potter puns
Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe really is taking on some fascinating and eclectic cinematic roles right now

Post-Potter, the lovable actor has played a murder suspect with demon powers, a farting corpse, and now he’s going undercover as a white supremacist in tense thriller Imperium.

In the new movie, Radcliffe plays an FBI agent who infiltrates a Neo Nazi terrorist organisation in the US, and becomes increasingly disturbed, paranoid and in fear for his life as he gets deeper and deeper into the operation.

Watch the trailer now:

Perhaps understandably, online reaction has been enthusiastic since the preview video landed yesterday.

But that didn’t stop people from (predictably) coming up with some shamefully hilarious puns.

Reddit went to town on the Harry Potter gags:

And YouTube was just full of sass too:

“Exactly how long are they going to continue milking the Harry Potter franchise? This is like the 9th movie.”

“You’re a racist, Harry!”

Some Twitter users congratulated Radcliffe on his bold career direction

..while others will always see him as the Boy Who Lived


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