Pokémon Go: the most extreme fan tactics for catching them all
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Pokémon fans rejoice! The latest evolution of the beloved monster collecting craze has finally been released

Yes, the long awaited Pokémon Go has finished up its beta phase, and is being rolled out around the world as we speak.

The game places Pokémon in the real world, and budding trainers must use their phone GPS to track them down, where the monsters will appear on screen through the magic of augmented reality. It sounds awesome.

It’s unfortunately only sort of been released in the UK, in that only Android users can gain access to it at the time of writing, and then it’s only if they perform a sneaky workaround.

But stories emerging from Australia, the US and other countries where the game is 100% officially out are suggesting we could see some pretty obsessive tactics for catching them all.

Here are some of the most audacious we’ve seen:

Stepping in to police stations

A major element of Pokémon Go is the Pokéstops; areas of the map where trainers can stock up on more Pokéballs with which to catch Pokémon.

Usually assigned to landmarks on the map, the Darwin Police Station is Austraila is obviously one of them.

A Facebook post from the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services revealed players are assuming they actually have to step in to the authoratative office to stock up. Not so.

Forgetting privacy completely

Trespassing on to private property

Giving up your lunch break

Adjusting your workout schedule

Reorganising the big shop

Taking ridiculous detours

Doing nothing

Of course, for the lazier Poké trainers out there, you can also do nothing.

Our brief time with the game revealed that your choice of three starter Pokémon are revealed to you within the first few seconds, and Pokémon will gladly wander in to your area if you just sit back and let them. Using a lure in-game increases your chances even more.

We caught around 15 of the critters from the comfort of our desk just yesterday!

Going to the toilet

Those Pokémon can pop up anywhere…

The first Pokemon I found was a weedle and he was on my toilet 😂😂😂😂 #pokemon #pokemon20 #pokemongo

A photo posted by Amiibo Stop (@amiibostop) on

Caught a charmander on the toilet #pokemongo #fuckyeah

A photo posted by Paul J (@brandnew_25) on

Casual … #pokemongo #wc

A photo posted by Kaled Manuel Bolivar Rubio (@itskaledmanuel) on

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