The most nostalgic things you can watch on Netflix
Ferris Bueller

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Call it ‘stuck in the past’ if you like, but we like our nostalgia fix – and Netflix has a bountiful amount of blasts from the pasts in its ranks

With the much talked-about reboot of Ghostbusters hitting cinemas this week, we’ve taken a look through the UK library for TV shows and movies from the decades of old that are guaranteed to rekindle warm memories from your youth.


Star Trek

Star Trek shatner

Long before J.J. Abrams got his hands on the franchise, Star Trek was a sci-fi institution. The fabled William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy play Kirk and Spock respectively, and while it’s a very simplistic version of the colossal, interstellar spectaculars we see today, the 1968 series is where Star Trek started.

A little piece of sci-fi history is right at your fingertips.

Red Dwarf

Screen grab

Craig Charles takes the lead in this British classic, which centres around a gigantic abandoned mining space ship, left inhabited only by one man, an excessively polite robot, a sentient hologram, and a cat.

It was first aired in 1988, and if we didn’t tell you that, you’d probably be able to tell by the laugh track and terrible special effects. If we’re being honest though, Red Dwarf is one of those shows that’s so silly, and so overtly ludicrous, that you really couldn’t care less what the aliens look like. That’s part of what makes it so funny.

The Warriors

The Warriors

The Warriors is a different type of gangster movie, and is viewed by many as an all-time classic – but we’d settle for ‘stylish’ or ‘unique’.

Set in the near future, where underground rival gangs hide from New York police, after a major riot in Central Park The Warriors must find their way across the treacherous city.

It’s not really a drama, and it’s not really a comedy. It’s just a brilliantly individual slice of late ’70s gold.

The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time

It’s not exactly Walking With Dinosaurs, but for many kids, The Land Before Time was their first encounter with prehistoric lizards.

Much more than that, however, countless childhood tears were shed over this surprisingly poignant, bittersweet coming-of-age tale.

Remember how cute all Littlefoot’s friends are? You’ll giggle, gasp and (yes) cry as they attempt to escape all manner of peril in their search for the lost valley. A beautiful film.

Hey Arnold! The Movie

hey arnold

“MOVE IT FOOTBALL HEAD!”, Helga screams, as she shoves Arnold out of the way in the opening credits of CITV’s greatest after-school accomplishment: Hey Arnold!.

Return to those pre-pubescent days with the movie version, and chuckle at the intentionally cheesy jokes. Treat this as your final goodbye to Arnold, and reminisce…


screen grab

As Mel Brooks’ notorious genre parodies go, this skewering of Star Wars is one of the absolute funniest.

In fact, we’d say that Spaceballs’ bombastic humour and off-beat silliness are exactly what you need in this age of boring comedies featuring Seth Rogen as the token stoner. It’s pure fun from start to finish.

It’s set in a far away galaxy, where Lone Star, a rogue space pilot, is tasked with rescuing a Princess. But Dark Helmet stands in his way. Quotably hilarious.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller

Bunking off in style is what Ferris Bueller does best, but being the most popular guy in school makes it hard to skip classes and get away with it.

Thankfully, he’s a pro, which means we get to watch Matthew Broderick as the coolest guy ever, ditching school to embark on a wonderful fun-filled adventure with his girlfriend and neurotic pal Cameron.

If you don’t want to have a pint with Ferris Bueller after watching this, there’s something wrong with you. We all wanted to be him.

Wayne’s World

Waynes World

It started as a skit, and evolved into a full blown party of a movie. Yes, we probably don’t have to explain to you what Wayne’s World is (“PARTY ON GARTH!”).

It’s in-your-face comedy, full of great music and hilarious asides, as well as being a classic embodiment of ’90s rocker cool.

And yes, for all those whippersnappers out there, that is the guy who voices Shrek. Get ready to sing along to the Bohemian Rhapsody car scene…


Screen grab

Make no mistake: Airplane is one of the funniest films you’ll ever see. And with a cast featuring the late great Leslie Nielsen as a stupendously deadpan doctor, you’ll soon see why.

Based around a single fateful flight, the movie is an exhibition in raucous, over the top comedy, with a few sharp timeless references thrown in along the way. It’s ridiculous, sarcastic, nervewracking, Naked Gun esque 15,000 feet in the air comedy, and if you haven’t seen it, stick it on right now.

Surely we can’t be serious? We are serious. And don’t call us Shirley.

Big Trouble in Little China

Screen grab

Kurt Russell is an unconventional hero in Big Trouble in Little China, a balls to the wall action film that follows a tough-guy truck driver and his unwitting involvement with the Chinatown based criminal underworld.

It’s really more of a comedy than an action movie, but the hyperbolic fight scenes and wacky occurrences are sure to keep you interested through all the ‘man finds girl and battles supernatural warriors’ schlock.

Sheer joyous entertainment.


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