Glasgow band records song about cats – and it’s brilliant
cat listening to music

A young Glasgow three-piece have released the first track from their debut EP, which discusses the lazy life of cats

The Lawrence O’Brien Band are an up-and-coming act who describe their musical genre as “dank tunes about cats and trees” and their first single ‘The Burdenless Life Of A Cat’ lives up to that promise.

Using a ska beat, Lawrence O’Brien and his band discuss the general lax attitude to life of our feline friends, with lyrics such as:

“Meowing at the door,
Meowing at the fridge
Sleeping On The Bed
Dreaming Of Eating Fish”

As well as a chorus which consists solely of meowing.

The track is the first from the band’s free EP, which also features song titles such as ‘Kylie Minogue’ and ‘Laburnum Tree’.

For now, enjoy the cat noises.

The Lawrence O’Brien Band play the following dates:

Aug 5: Audio, Glasgow / more info


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