Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie: what we know so far
Louis Theroux

Everyone’s favourite documentary reporter is getting his big screen debut, with My Scientology Movie set for cinemas this October

Louis Theroux has recently been lighting up our TV screens and leaving us a little weepy under the eyes with his UK-based documentaries on the subjects of alcoholism and brain damage.

But My Scientology Movie could be his biggest project to date, delving into the world of the celebrity-heavy religion and its most ardent supports.

If you’re currently wondering what in the name of L. Ron Hubbard we’re talking about – let us fill you in with all the details of Theroux’s first cinematic outing.

It debuted last year

My Scientology Movie was originally shown at London Film Festival back in October 2015, where it received extensive praise from critics and audiences and has toured a number of film festivals in North America and Europe too.


From the delay on a full UK screening, My Scientology Movie has been wrapped up in legal wranglings with the Church itself which has put the brakes on a theatrical release for a good while.

It features some of the biggest names (kind of)

After initially being knocked back for interviews with leading figures in the Church itself (the premise being to make a film from the inside), Theroux decided to run a casting, getting young Hollywood actors to play the biggest figures in the religion and re-enact a number of the most controversial scenes.

Theroux focuses on incidents from their infamous Californian facility ‘The Hole’.

The idea of re-enactments was said to have been inspired by Joshua Oppenheimer’s seminal documentary The Act Of Killing.

The Scientologists were not happy about it

If you come at the Church, be ready for repercussions.

Halfway through the documentary project, Theroux’s film crew becomes the target of Scientology’s own film crew, a group notoriously known as ‘the Squirrel Busters’ – who tail, intimidate and meticulously film their interactions with those going after the Church.

My Scientology Movie Louis Theroux


The Telegraph critic Tim Robey said that “half the film consists of cameras pointing at other cameras, like an absurdist gunfight at dawn, with neither side willing to holster.”

It’s out in cinemas this Autumn

With no screenings yet announced, the official UK release date has been confirmed as October 7, by BBC Films.

It’s a few more months of anticipation for Theroux fans.


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