Yorkshire Pokemon Go players foil burglary
Pokemon Go police

A group of Yorkshire Pokemon Go players brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “gotta catch ’em all”, when they helped police apprehend a pair of burglars this weekend.

The friends were using the ludicrously popular mobile game on the streets of Doncaster when they encountered far more than just a cute Pikachu or two.

“They traveled down a side road…and saw something suspicious in a builder’s yard,” explained a police spokesperson on social media.

“Dilemma… search for Pokemon or call the cops?

“Thankfully these budding search heroes called 999 to report what they had seen.”


South Yorkshire Police officers then arrived just in time to apprehend two suspects on suspicion of commercial burglary, as they were reportedly stealing decking.

“The group of friends have given their statements and we wish them well on their quest to find more #Pokemon things,” added the spokesperson.

“Yes I have no idea what a Pokemon is – but I am sure someone will happily educate me!”


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Main image: South Yorkshire Police, via Facebook