Scottish rapper Shogun takes the internet by storm

Glasgow Grime has become the toast of the online music community, after this fiery new track went viral

Scottish rapper Shogun, real name Joe Heron, has amassed more than 100,000 views on YouTube in the last few days, with ‘Vulcan’ winning widespread praise from around the globe.

Check out the outspoken video now (be warned – there’s some pretty strong language!):

Heron’s lyrics and style have been roundly saluted, and many have expressed delighted surprise at discovering that Scotland does indeed have a thriving rap culture.

As one Reddit user put it when Shogun’s track hit the front page:

Indeed, we’ve discussed before how Scottish hip-hop is on the rise, and this young Paisley native’s creation would appear to be a shining example.

That said, the Glasgow rap scene rarely gets the attention or recognition that it so sorely deserves. Perhaps this will help change that.

You can check out Shogun’s Soundcloud page now for more of his work


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