This free Star Wars VR game makes you feel like a real Jedi
Star Wars VR

Ever since the original Star Wars film hit cinemas way back in 1977, fans both young and old have dreamed of stepping in to the robes of a Jedi

And now it looks like they finally may be able to do just that, with a nifty looking virtual reality experience that allows you to wield a lightsaber like never before.

Trials of Tatooine, released earlier this week for those lucky enough to own an HTC Vive headset, is a “cinematic virtual reality experience” from Industrial Light and Magic, the special effects powerhouse behind the hugely iconic Star Wars movies.

And the best part? It’s totally free.

Originally revealed at GDC 2016, where it was described merely as “an experiment”, the above trailer soon leaked. Confirmation of a public release came at last weekend’s Star Wars Celebration in London, where attendees could try it out for themselves, before it was set loose on the internet on Monday.

HTC’s official description of the experience is as follows:

“Developed under the guidance of Rob Bredow, Lucasfilm’s chief technology officer, and co-written by Bredow and Star Wars canon-keeper Pablo Hidalgo, Trials of Tatooine allows you to truly step into the Star Wars universe for the first time.

“Now anyone with a Vive can pick up a lightsaber and help defend a galaxy far, far away.”

So this could be you in real-life, essentially:

star wars lightsaber training droid luke skywalker

The game sees you interacting with Star Wars fan favourites R2-D2 and Han Solo on the desert planet Tatooine, before the Millennium Falcon comes under attack from a band of stormtroopers, and you must fend them off with your lightsaber.

It’s an exciting if brief adventure (the whole thing takes six to seven minutes to playthrough, but hey, it’s free), and a glimpse into just what the advent of VR could bring to the Star Wars universe.

Tantalisingly, it ooks like we’ll be seeing more projects like this in the near future.

According to Polygon, Lucasfilm is looking to expand its VR portfolio, and has announced a canonical Darth Vader narrative experience, penned by Batman v Superman writer David Goyer.

The Force looks to be strong for VR owning Star Wars fans.

To download Star Wars: Trials of Tatooine, head over to Steam.


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